On September 20-22, 2019, Shire Des Forges invites you to join them at the rebirth of a legend!

Join us at beautiful Dalwhinnie Fields as we return to that idyllic realm where chivalry is revered, honor is essential, and courtesy is practiced by all! Spend the entire weekend away from the humdrum and mundane, basking in the glorious ideals that founded the SCA and remain its core to this day. What’s planned? Glad you asked!

Welcome to Camelot!

Bring your favorite Medieval games and enjoy the very best of company in air conditioned comfort.

Arrive early and bring your favorite dessert to share. Populace will vote to determine their favorite at ONE CENT PER VOTE… so vote early and vote often! (Prize TBD)

Are you hungry yet?

All who join us here in Camelot are both judges and entrants! Take notes on those who have most impressed you with their displays of the Chivalric virtues we hold so dear, and present your notes to the tally (ex-troll) table an hour before the feast. The most chivalrous among us, by popular acclaim, will receive a grail representing their quest to embody all things good, and be invited (with a guest) to represent the perseverance of Percival at high table during the feast.

TOURNAMENT OF ARMS – 9am armor inspection, fight until you drop:
Valient warriors all, come prove your mettle and prepare for MGT in copious combat during the reborn, DAY LONG, Myths of the Forge tournament! Be sure to bring all of your toys – you’ll need them. Ye who best display your prowess and honor in combat shall be richly rewarded. You shall receive a grail representing your quest to perfect your martial skill, and be invited (with a guest) to represent the skill of Gwain at high table during the feast.

MARKET & SWAP MEET – all day:
Buy, sell, barter or trade your new or previously loved goodies. Bring a tent, table, or just a blanket – there’s plenty of space! All who attend, plus merchants and artisans, are graciously welcome to join in.

SOLAR/SALON- 9am -4pm:
Working on a project? Want to teach a class? Recruiting for a project? Bring it along and share your passion! We’ll put up a whiteboard so you can pick a spot and time to invite folks to join in your class, collaborate on projects, or just show your display.

Once again the hardworking Dalwhinnie Volunteers will provide a hearty lunch to help them keep improving our favorite SCA-born site. For information contact Dalwhinnie-lunch@desforges.meridies.org

Sir Erik Martel ( feastcrat@desforges.meridies.org ) will be flexing his culinary muscles by presenting a delicious three remove repast, plus a delectable dessert, to add to the joy of this glorious day and prepare you for an evening of merry revelry! We are now pleased to make our feast available without reservations so that more of our friends can stay and enjoy our hospitality all evening.

REVEL WITH US! (All the most wonderful folks do!)
Those who take their leave too soon shall hold their pleasure cheap when they hear of the enjoyment had by those in our company on this most glorious night! A TRULY EPIC BONFIRE is a regular feature at Dalwhinnie, with tales and songs and games galore. Rumor has it that someone may have a miraculous display of an SCA favorite Arthurian(ish) entertainment.

Our revel – a magical time for all!

Enjoy the most medieval of fast breakings, then join in the camaraderie of breaking camp and helping friends. Safe journeys surely await those who have a heart lightened by spending as much time as possible here with their too-distant friends.

See you right here!

ONLINE RESERVATIONS: https://epay.trimaris.org/meridies

MAILED RESERVATIONS: In the interest of internet safety please see the flyer image below or contact Ldy Cerridwen (reservations@desforges.meridies.org) for the mailing address. Your check should be made payable to SCA, Inc./Shire Des Forges.

Daytrip $11
Weekend $15
Under age 17? No site fee!

ADULT NON-MEMBERS add $5 surcharge.
Feast just $5! No longer by reservation only!
Per Kingdom Law, no family shall pay more than three adult member prices for event admission as long as the children are under 15 and all family members have memberships.

Dalwhinnie Fields, 251 County Road 58, Marion AL 36756
GPS: 32.5722632,-87.1725477

Take your best route to AL-14 W (West of Selma). Turn North onto County Rd 58 near mile marker 101. Dalwhinnie Fields is roughly 1.5 miles down the road on the left. GPS coordinates: 32.5722632,-87.1725477
Site opens 5pm 9/20, closes at 11am 9/22.

PROTIP: Download the map area onto your GPS before you travel! (Or be Medieval and use a printed map.) This area has little to no coverage for Verizon customers.

For more information about our delight filled weekend, please contact the Autocrat, Sir Jean-Claude (autocrat@desforges.meridies.org)

You can also follow our event on Facebook.